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Simetra, what is it!? Is your car broken down!?

Nah man, I ju—

What about your family?! Is your dear peepums alright?!

What? Yeah my … my wha—?

Then what are you doing announcing some commissions!?

I dunno, I just want to make some money for material possessions.

That’s right folks, step right up and be amazed at SKETCHES and SPRITES. Due to my lack of steady income, I just want to make a little bit of money so I can buy some things, no big deal I suppose. Though there is an underlying big deal. Money I’m making I also want to use to help my friends.

My friends, Maria and Katie, both need a bit of money both for different reasons. Once I make the money I need for my own selfish gain, I will be using the money I make to donate to them. Of course, if I don’t make enough for the things I want, I will donate what little I made to them anyways.

Sketches are $5, only one character per image because I don’t have a lot of practice in that sort of thing and don’t want you spending your money on what might be crap.

Sprites are $1 plus 50 cent(s) for every character after. I need to get back into making these as well. 

Message me on Tumblr so we can get things started.

meiharu said: Do ittt! And if you lose interest, oh well!

true, and it will be there if i ever want to come back to it!


Maudie: I’ve been working on this scenario that it’s kasumi who introduces him to ramen (manages to get her grandmother’s recipe? XD) and she shows grunt all the things you can put into the noodles like meat, and eggs and so on
Maudie: and hes looking at his bowl with this sneer “Needs more meat”
Kasumi: *puts another slice on top*
Grunt: Again.
Kasumi *repeats*
Grunt: Again.
Kasumi: If you cover the top you won’t see the noodles
Grunt: Exactly.
Michelle: lmfao
Maudie: so she spends all this time showing him noodles aren’t bad and so he finally relents that yeah maybe they are okay (with enough toppings)
Maudie: so after a week of all this ramen etiquette he goes to the mess hall to see what else they’re cooking and the custodian/chef happily announces “SPAGHETTI!”
Grunt:…………………………………………..*FLIPS A TABLE*

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Ino, Kiba and Shino: The Last Naruto Movie