ultra mega grouchy characters that are only soft around their significant others (●´ω`●)

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I need to draw more horses


These two were once Ninja familiars in the Naruto-verse. I had two nin characters who summoned horses in battle YEAH and then I kept making more horses, and more till they had their own culture and lived in the sand country. It was great.

This is Sham, and his older-and-very-grumpy brother, Anchor. They’re what you might call princes (because their great grandfather was the High Stallion)

after those practice ponies I drew a MLP oc I never fully developed. Her name was Firebrand and her job in Ponyville was lighting all the lamps at night :>

I was on a roll today!

Ok so you know how there was those digital palettes going around on tumblr? I wanted to try something like that with my markers in an attempt to try something new. So I picked six markers at random and tried to think of what to color with them. 

The little swatch of colors at the bottom was my selection and my brain was going blank till I thought “why not draw ponies?” so PONIES :) it was fun and I have no idea what to call them

day 20


I wrote Streak and had to fix it DOES HE COOK NAKED? NO!

day 19

More practice with brush pens and markers, just going willy-nilly though I’m really fond of how the bottom picture turned out :>

alright, enough with feeling sorry for myself. The weekend was fairly nice and I got to draw a lot too so there is that :)

I usually have a hard time figuring out who or what to draw, so I end up using a lot of my oc’s over and over again (and I can go on about the pros and cons about that but not here)

but mainly I wanted to use my new brush pens and markers. Branka got to have the honor of being the first.



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